Well this project really got me back to weaving.  It was challenging enough to keep my mind off other things and with our Ontario wet spring made the days goes faster.

It was not easy sailing.  I (as always) had loom issues.  Chains got hooked together, unhooked and harnesses unclipped and clipped together causing problems with the number of shafts being lifted.IMG_1093

I stuck with it and after doing a sample square, I finished a nice runner.  (see photo)

On consultation with friends, I decided to change the sett to 24 instead of 28.  Threading it at 28 meant the reed was sleyed  2, 2, 3.  This resulted in areas where two of the same coloured threads appeared on the surface and I did not get the solid blend of colour I liked.   So I cut off the woven warp and resleyed, not once but twice. ( It wasn’t until I sleyed it wider did I notice that I wasn’t getting a true plain weave.  I kept looking for something I had done wrong when I finally realized it was the weave structure itself. )  The polka dots were larger of course but the colour mix better.

Some of my weaver friends thought 20 epi would be better if I wanted to do tea towels, but I think the polka dots would be too large.   That experiment can come another time and may require reducing the size of the dots.

All in all, it was an interesting project.  I think the runner was a nice weight and drape for pillows, runners or upholstery, or maybe a tote bag.

As I am now off to cottage, I think I will try summer and winter polka dots as seen in the 2015 handwoven.  By the Fall I will truly be dotty.

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